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Considering I really hinted, nagged and mentioned on blog and email, Booksmuggler Ana was really patient with my insistence on her reading CNV (but then I had read reviews of hers of books with similar tropes - good and bad: female pilots - World War II - spies; come to think of it I think the nearest book in this vein had been a disappointment) - but I was SO SURE she would love it that I put my money where my mouth is and sent her a copy via Bookdepository (when stupid cancelled the preorders - Ana lives in the UK), even though we had taken steps to organise a possibility for her to read the book in time for the release week already (*shifty eyes*).

She gave it a perfect 10, called it one of the Top Ten of the Year books and thanked Chachic (who is a renowned Book Blogger herself - just have a look at her incredible Queen's Thief week this year and the star-studded posts and comments) and me for convincing her to try it (so now I'm back to crossing my fingers she'll get into Gen-in-Ethiopia, too ^^).

And then there's the final blog tour post by Elizabeth Wein - who has managed the amazing feat of finding aspects of the book and her work on it that were NOT repeated from blog to blog and were interesting (and could lead history fans on all kinds of new expeditions), also at the Booksmugglers.

All my lovingly collected links (although there was some help from an e-mail by E.Wein) can still be perused here.

NO good deed goes unrewarded:

Organising the book for Ana made Book Depository include me in their current offer - when I send friends (whose e-mail I have) a notification, they get 10% off their next order! Don't forget the BD sends worldwide and the shipping is already included in the price. Their offer is good until February 29th.

So tell me your e-mail in anti-spam format, unless we already had e-mail contact (in which case just tell me if I should include you in that notification).

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