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A shout-out to all the people I'd been trying (by leaving mysterious hints about female friendship, female pilot in WWII and lots of tissues needed) to convince to eventually read Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity - on a thread of Rachel Manija's, I remember, and wherever else...

Code Name Verity

Don't worry - I'll only be doing this until February 10th (when the blog tour ends)

CODE NAME VERITY is released today in the UK (and if USians don't want to import the pretty UK edition via, they can wait until May this year - as can the Canadians - and buy it then)!

Code Name Verity

E.Wein is doing a blog tour (her publisher has a new line called Electric Monkey and CNV is a launch title) this week and just today spoke on BBC Scotland about the book - there's a podcast to download for non-UK people. Her part starts around 25 minutes (ends at 35 minutes) and apart from having a nice speaking voice I'm very thankful that she's talking a bit slower than the interviewer - I realise how rarely I hear real English spoken in a dialect at normal speed these days, heh.

Links & Reviews as I come across them:

There's even a pretty nifty book trailer (although I wish they had chosen a British song..)

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