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The old one may have ended in a severe cold, but then "the only way is up" as Yazz used to sing ^^. Thank you for all your amazing posts and conversations and support when I needed it, I hope I can do the same for you again (although not posts, I guess - Goodreads and my book reviews are totally fulfilling my posting desire), as well.
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I hope to find time for a thankful post  after Christmas - I certainly didn't manage to before, heh - what with school and setting up my new PC (yay!).

May all of you have a calm, fairly stress-free Christmas and if you are off-line until after the New Year, I'd like to wish you a healthy New Year as well!

As Germany has the actual celebration on Christmas Eve, culminating in Midnight Mass for us Catholics, I'm off to reach my parents - hopefully: we have icy rain and the remains of four weeks of intermittent snowfall. I do travel a well-used road, though.

I should be back before the 30th, we shall see.
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Not being a paid account I can't make a poll - not that many people read me anyway, heh, but I am quite proud to have read quite a lot of books and short stories this year, even though I have troubles with my right cornea. I loved it when meganbmoore did it last year, so this year I wanted to do it for myself (and see if I read much less... looking at the list I can't think I did, actually). Manga/manhwa are not included.

The overwhelming majority of these were new reads and ebooks. We have fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction, romance of various versions, erotic romances of the straight and m/m variety as well as menage.The books are listed according to grade, from best to worst (A+,A- to D and DNF):

cut for length )

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