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Just came across this in link-hopping from friend's blog to blog - you may have seen it already, because it was uploaded in September 2010, but if you haven't and you love 2d animation, emotional relationships and dance - well then you really need to see this now ^^. And I think the song is perfect, too, although it wasn't written specifically for this animation but rather the underlying concept.

The small excerpt from a documentary about the making of this collaboration doesn't take anything away from the beauty of it, it's just a fascinating insight into the process of making it.
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Not being a paid account I can't make a poll - not that many people read me anyway, heh, but I am quite proud to have read quite a lot of books and short stories this year, even though I have troubles with my right cornea. I loved it when meganbmoore did it last year, so this year I wanted to do it for myself (and see if I read much less... looking at the list I can't think I did, actually). Manga/manhwa are not included.

The overwhelming majority of these were new reads and ebooks. We have fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction, romance of various versions, erotic romances of the straight and m/m variety as well as menage.The books are listed according to grade, from best to worst (A+,A- to D and DNF):

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In honour of Sharon Lee's idea of making June 23rd Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Day, I'd like to give tribute to the amazing female sf&f writers I have increasingly discovered since the 90s and especially the ones I've discovered and had contact with in the last two years (Aside: all hail the internet!).

Elizabeth Wein )

You know, I can see I won't be able to cover all the ladies today, so I'll be turning this into a series as time permits.

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Meljean Brook is having a great competition for her newest paranormal romance, Demon Bound and while I have preordered the book, I'd like to enter her competition as well.

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