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And I have a British edition of Code Name Verity up for grabs! It only comes out in the US in May and as a hardcover at that. The book is here, the signed bookplate by Elizabeth Wein to be inserted is here, too!

Help a good cause!
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So Booksmuggler Ana gave Code Name Verity a perfect ten and made my day this Friday (it had been one of THOSE days at school) and then I read on various LJs that con-or-bust was just starting again for this year (and admin Kate Nepveu pointed out that they hadn't had as many offers as they usually do).

I've bid and won there before, but I've also wanted to offer a post of my own - my usual problem is that I have some nice used books, but what with all the new and signed books offered that is not very tempting (and the real rarities are so heavy they would cost an arm to send to the US).

Since E.Wein has hinted at sending me an autographed copy of CNV, I've decided to put my just arrived, unread copy of the UK paperback up for auction. This way people outside the UK get the book months early and hopefully I get a few more bids to raise a bit more money for Con-or-Bust. I have a huge link bonanza here about the book and reviews of it.

I even have a bid already ^^, but hope to sell a bit higher than that.

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