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This year really saw me switching my daily interactions to tumblr (, although I still regularly read my friends pages. I hope you have had as good a year as was possible this year and I wish for peace and health for everyone, especially the friends who have kept me sane here repeatedly over the years.

My depression is better than it was last year, let's see how that goes. Please all be safe and well.
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I was just reading through last year's Christmas post and I can say roughly the same ^^. The only thing I have to mention is that I'm changing ISPs and because of how gloriously that works in Germany, I should not be able to reach the internet from December 27th to January 11th, best case scenario (i.e. the technician actually shows up).

As always, your posts put my life into perspective and open new interesting vistas. I hope everyone has a peaceful and content holiday, whether they celebrate Christmas or not ^^ - and a healthy New Year!


Found these pics on the flickr stream of Baylor University, Texas ^^
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I should be back before New Years, but I am off to my parents today and I know that my mum expects me to help her out with my little niece staying over for a bit - which is no hardship ^^.

I hope you all have a peaceful holiday and if YOU should be offline until after the New Year, a very Healthy New Year to you all.

I would especially like to thank the people who listened to me this March with my mum's major illness. You really were a valve to release pressure with your kind thoughts.
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I hope to find time for a thankful post  after Christmas - I certainly didn't manage to before, heh - what with school and setting up my new PC (yay!).

May all of you have a calm, fairly stress-free Christmas and if you are off-line until after the New Year, I'd like to wish you a healthy New Year as well!

As Germany has the actual celebration on Christmas Eve, culminating in Midnight Mass for us Catholics, I'm off to reach my parents - hopefully: we have icy rain and the remains of four weeks of intermittent snowfall. I do travel a well-used road, though.

I should be back before the 30th, we shall see.

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